BeepShuttle Junior

BeepShuttle Software assesses the aerobic fitness by applying the Beep Test (also known as Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Bleep Test, 20 m Shuttle Run Test, Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run, etc.). This software provides two application tools (Junior and Adult).

Aerobic tests in school children with the Beep test software / calculator

What is BeepShuttle Junior?

BeepShuttle Junior administers the Beep test, calculates the predicted maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) in children and adolescents, and assesses their aerobic fitness by applying age- and gender-specific international norms. Find out more about our software from the video below.

BeepShuttle Junior was presented for the very first time at the poster sessions of the 12th FIEP European Congress in Luxembourg, in 2017 by Dr Kolimechkov. In 2018, Beep Shuttle Junior was published in the Journal of Advanced Sport Technology.

How to Cite:

Kolimechkov, S., Petrov, L., Alexandrova, A., & Cholakov, K. (2018). BeepShuttle Junior: Software for the Administration of the 20m Shuttle Run Test in Children and Adolescents. Journal of Advanced Sport Technology, 1(3), 35-40.

Purchase & Activation

BeepShuttle Junior costs £30, and it can be purchased from our secured website STK SPORT UK United Kingdom
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Download a Demo

A functional demo of the © BeepShuttle Software is available for download here.