BeepShuttle Adult

BeepShuttle Software assesses the aerobic fitness by applying the Beep Test (also known as Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Bleep Test, 20 m Shuttle Run Test, Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run, etc.). This software provides two application tools (Junior and Adult).

Aerobic tests in adults with the Beep test software / calculator

What is BeepShuttle Adult?

BeepShuttle Adult is the second application of BeepShuttle Software. It administers the Beep test, calculates the predicted maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) in adults (18 - 65+ years of age), and assesses their aerobic fitness by applying age- and gender-specific international norms.

BeepShuttle Adult has been on sale since April 2019. We will be publishing an article on it very soon.

Purchase & Activation

BeepShuttle Adult costs £40, and it can be purchased from our secured website STK SPORT UK United Kingdom
guaranteed by standard SSL, and paid through PayPal.

Download a Demo

A functional demo of the © BeepShuttle Software is available for download here.